Crohn’s Disease and Heart Failure

Having Crohn’s disease is very hit or miss when it comes to what triggers a Crohn’s Flare. Often times people think that you are constantly going to the bathroom (TMI I know but semi-true) or having pain but a crohn’s flare can last up to days with multiple phases.


For myself, it was mostly bloating and inflammation of my joints. I always say 23 feels like the new 65 because I was always in pain and felt like I could barely move to the point that I would just stay in bed all day. I have been taking Humira as my usual regimen since May but as it is an auto-immune suppressant recently I have been getting sick like all of the time.

Almost a month ago I was diagnosed with symptoms of heart failure. Yes. heart failure at almost 24 years old. With my test results showing that I was the healthiest I have been in a while, my echocardiogram showed that my heart is currently working at 30% lower than it should be. Usually your heart works at only 70% to be considered normal.

My Humira nurse suggested that I try a number of holistic approaches in order to maintain my Crohn’s and the current issues with my heart. These included smoothies and other nutritional supplements in my current intake….so basically no carbs which has obviously been devastating since I am Italian and our blood type is essentially pasta. Salads all day everyday. She also suggested taking JuicePlus which are vitamins to reach optimal nutrition– not the gross workout supplements that people think are healthy…this is made with actual fruits and vegetables to make sure you are getting the recommended daily intake.

The first day I tried JuicePlus I was able to COMPLETELY STOP taking over the counter pain relievers for my chest pains (Tylenol, Advil, Motrin). Since continuing JuicePlus I have been experienced zero joint pain, bloating, and even uneasiness with certain foods that I otherwise would not be able to eat. Juice plus has been sensational! Expensive for sure- no doubting that but the results you could not even put a price on.

If you have an autoimmune disease or even crohn’s I would give this product a shot! I will keep you all updated on any heart progress as I should know in the next week or so. Stay tuned for workout tips for autoimmune health in my Less is More post coming tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Crohn’s Disease and Heart Failure

  1. Tia Wright says:

    Do you know how extremely excited I was to read this blog?! For more reasons than one, this particular one made me smile. Juice Plus is where it is at!! And now, you could be a representative!!


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