“Less is More”- Fitness for the girls who love Pizza and Tacos.



An important part of health management is exercise! I am providing my workout regime for your use!


  • 40 minute walk or jog daily
  • 2 days of HIIT training
  • 2-3 but at least 1 tone it up workout


I know this plan seems rather simple but it is seriously all that I do. Occasionally I will add a one-mile or three mile run randomly but I usually try to stick to this plan.


One thing I have learned as an athlete and previous track runner is: the harder the workout-the harder it can be on your body to recover. I have often made the mistake of not gradually making my workouts increase. I blame the body builders of the world for my expectations and my love for pizza and tacos…but with this plan I have seen results in 4 weeks and truth be told- I have no worked out in like 2 months and have been able to maintain the results.


When you have an autoimmune disease your body is working twice as hard as a normal body to keep up with everything. In one way this is nice because you don’t have to work as hard but if you do work too hard your body will let you know!


Tip: If you are having a hard time working out or maintaining a work out plan think of exercise as a prescribed medicine, one dose is 30 minutes everyday. This has helped me keep going! You can do it too!!


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