Stomp the Yard- A Vineyard Review

If you love wine as much as I do you HAVE to visit this vineyard located in Dickerson, MD. Sugarloaf Mountain Vineyards is an amazing place and offer more than just liquid grapes!


This vineyard is absolutely gorgeous and very affordable. Which is important when you have just retired from college and are balling on a budget. Sugarloaf has live music, outdoor seating and a gorgeous tasting room. You can find so many treasures here and even make your own wine!



If you have ever seen I love Lucy where she is stomping on the grapes to make wine…well…that’s exactly what you can do here! The wine featured Stomp is a gorgeous full-bodied red wine made by wine lovers themselves! I highly recommend visiting this place. Seating is right by the vines themselves which is really cool to see up close.




Budget Tip: This Vineyard has a picnic seating style set up so you can bring your own snacks without the added cost! My cousins and I went to Aldi’s Grocery Store ahead of time and picked out assorted cheeses and snacks it was perfect!


2 thoughts on “Stomp the Yard- A Vineyard Review

  1. Sam Cameron says:

    I’m a huge fan already!! Such a wide variety of topics that are fun and super useful. Very proud of you and can’t wait to read more!


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