Land a Job Offer after every Interview- Tips to Try.

Job Interviews are a lot like dating. They can make you nervous, you hope they like you as much as you do and you hope they at least like you enough to call you back! Here are some interview prep tips that have helped me get the call back 9/10 times.


  • Practice– It can be really helpful to write out and practice your answers to potential interview questions. It shows employers that you are well articulate and care about their questions.
  • Research– You should try and treat each interview like a test- Find out what their mission statement is, history of the company and potential project you would be working on. You will be surprised how just knowing what they company can do will set you apart from others.
  • Confidence– Easier said than done, at least for me anyways but making sure you are confident in your responses to questions or even your resume will leave a great impression on employers.

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