Now You’re Talking my Language- Resume Building

Building your resume? Sounds a lot easier to say than do but, building a strong resume will help ensure you leave a lasting impression transitioning from college to the real world. It is good to have a general resume on file to show to people and always generate an up to date resume when you have a specific job you are applying for. Here are some things that I have learned along the way when building your resume for specific jobs for my undergrad followers this can also be applied when looking for internships.

  1. READ– I know reading can be hard for some of us sometimes but seriously read the job description you are applying for. Often times the language used in the job descriptions employers will also like to see how your skills can compare.
  2. BUZZ WORDS– Buzz words can be tricky! Which is why I say to read a job description before generating your specific resume. Often times employers use specific descriptors and language that can make you feel like you have absolutely none of the skills you are applying for. Sometimes this is the case but other times you do! Its all about reading between the lines.
  3. REVISE– All those peer editing sessions in school will finally pay off. Sometimes it’s good to get an extra set of eyes on your resume once you have finished your draft. I have a couple of people in the professional world from different service areas that will review my resume and provide feedback which I find to be super helpful. These same connections can also help to explain language used on job descriptions.


Resume Tip: Use a resume template to fill out all of your information once you have your draft finalized. It makes everything look really clean and it will be less of a hassle using Microsoft Word which can sometimes not be friendly with certain formats. 


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