How I got hired right out of College

It used to be- you went to college, gradated with a degree and were able to find work not a problem. For millennial’s at Liberal Arts College’s this seems to be harder to do. My secret to getting hired right out of college is my LinkedIn. LinkedIn for those who do not know or are confused about the site is designed to work as an online resume. On the site people post different jobs, volunteer opportunities and even updates on the business world.


My sophomore year of college I created a LinkedIn after my first major internship to keep connected with the people I had met. Within 3 years I had over 500+ connections and prior to graduating had roughly 5 job offers waiting in my inbox. The key to this new age of job searching is the art of networking.


After each internship I had, I would look for people on this site to see if they had a LinkedIn (Kind of creepy but no shame in the game, I wanted a job badly). I would also set goals each week or month to connect with people in different areas incase my interests would change then I would know someone in that field that could guide me.


Building a network is just as important as building your resume. Your network is who you can go to for career advice and opportunities. LinkedIn is also a great way to discover internships. I used this tool to find most of mine since the University I went to had ZERO career development resources. Give it a try!


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