Four things that change after Graduating College that no one tells you.

Graduating from college is easily one of the hardest adjustment periods I think some can experience. It is extremely difficult to go 4 or 5 years with your life completely planned out to now- figuring out how to take everything you learned and apply it to the real world. Here are some things that changed for me that I never really thought would and I am still working through. Its ok if you are going through the same!!!

  1. Schedule– It’s weird going from having classes scheduled for most of the day and then to follow up with homework to not doing that at all Lol. One of the hardest things for me was getting used to having times where I only was expected to complete one task to do throughout the day in the work place. I will admit the lack of homework is 100% allowed but its still weird I mean we have had homework since kindergarten.
  2. Roommates aka Parents- It was so hard moving home! not because of my parents in particular but I have been used to all of my friends being within a walking distance radius of me. Going and coming as I please changed a lot because I had to be mindful of my new roommates and their rules (my parents) which hasn’t been too bad honestly they are fun to hangout with Lol.
  3. Taxes- Girl I owe everyone money. The government, the state, myself, it is crazy!!!! When you graduate and make real money you have to fill out your forms completely differently than you would in college which I am learning the hard way. So Make sure you check that out.
  4. Goals- Your goals and priorities change a lot once you actually graduate from college. This coming from a person who thought they knew exactly what they wanted to do, I ask myself a lot “what am I doing with my life”. This phrase freaked me out initially but I am starting to learn that its ok to not have all of the answers right now. Change can be good and lead you in directions and interests that we didn’t know we were capable of.

I hope that this helps all of my recent and experienced retired graduates. Being an adult is hard!! But we are all in this together and we will persevere!! You got this 🙂


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