How Greek Life prepared me for the Real World.

Greek life gets a lot of criticism from outsider perspectives. Usually resulting in comments such as “you’re just paying for friends” “you’re in it to wear the letters” and so on. Joining a sorority however, has single handedly been the only aspect from my college experience that prepared me for the real world and here is why:



  1. Accountability and Responsibility– Being in a sorority gave me the opportunity to become financially responsible for the organization I was apart of in many ways. Paying dues, managing funds if I did want to purchase merchandise or contribute to philanthropic events etc. Being apart of Greek Life also made me more responsible and accountable for the surrounding community. Being able to participate, fundraise and bring awareness to numerous charities and organizations made being apart of Greek Life extremely rewarding.
  2. Time Management– There is SO much more than people realize that go into being apart of a sorority. In my experiences I really learned how to juggle classes, meetings and events that I needed to attend and homework. Having this made transitioning into the real world a lot easier especially taking on a new job and balancing work and life.
  3. Discipline and Leadership- During my time in Greek Life I had the pleasure and honor of having a couple of different positions in the sorority.  Having these positions not only combine the previous two characteristics but encompass leadership skills and discipline. Making sure that deadlines within your position are met, drafting and submitting reports, collaboration with others. This really stood true in the real world.


If you have thought about going out for Greek Life I highly recommend it. There are so many learning opportunities available by joining any organization. It took for me about two years of researching greek life before I went out and it was the best choice I have made for my college and professional self.


Give it a try!


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